Friday, February 1, 2013

Imbolg: Awaken the World Around You

Nuzzle safely into the bosom of existence with the confidence that reality is the way it is intended, everything functions as it should, nothing is beyond the natural. Life is hard at times, in many cases at a level that is almost irreconcilable with our own self-designated sensibilities of how we think things need to be.  Let go. Take comfort and know all is within the parameters of correct. This does not mean that the urge and effort to make life better for all should be cast away. The lesson is to allow the reality of our existence to nurture us and not fight it.

At the center of all of existence and our own being is the spark of the spiritual that was born forth in the dark of night at the pinnacle of winter’s storm. Only by nurturing and tending this aspect of ourselves has it grown and will continue to grow. The aspect of our own divinity that has birthed and cared for this part of ourselves will as it grows fierce and brilliant shine unto the outward, the care taken here will begin to awaken the world in which we live as the nurturing mother’s milk continues to feed our every hunger. That which exists at our center thus fed is taken on in the earthly realms. So She returns from the Isle of the Underworld rejuvenated by the spark She holds close, nurturing the future Crowned King as She calls the sap in the outward world to rise, awaken the plants from their sleep, and blossom with the waters of life She provides and the heat and passion of His fire that breaks the hold of winter’s cold and icy grip.

Now in this moment, we nurture our hidden center and through discriminate care decide what the sum of our existence will be. We are the Babe, we are the Mother, we are the catalyst that awakens the greenwood, and we are the Sun without which existence would be a cold and icy realm devoid of growth.

Merry Imbolg! May you awaken the world around you with the brillance which has been nurtured through the dark night.

Boidh Se!

-Spanish Moss

“Lost in a thicket bare-foot upon a thorned path.”

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