Friday, June 9, 2017

Erecting a Temple Under the Mother’s Moon

Today is the Full Moon, by lore and definition the Mother’s Moon started yesterday and extends into tomorrow. My recent move has pretty much settled and I am eye-balling tonight or tomorrow night to break open the Temple, seed the space with the energy of the previous, and erect the banner of the current. It’s a process that I’ve done several times, each with its own nuances of place, and yet for some reason it feels significant and different.

During my last Tour of Adventure*, I set up my Temple space myself in the manner I had learned from the Coven I was a member of in Atlanta. This time though, my Wife/Priestess/Working Partner and I will establish things. Sure I’ll still have my own personal altar and area, but overall this is a terribly exciting development where the two of us collaborate once again on a Temple Space. Whether or not we declare it an eventual Covenstead of a particular Tradition has yet to be determined, but there is plenty of time for that.  

For those that don’t know, my background in the Craft is Multi-Traditional. This means that I have been initiated into and have practiced more than one Tradition. It’s not something I sought out, finding my tribe after each move has just led to that. Such is the way of the nomadic Witch. This ritual is important in that context though. Without going into too much detail, because this is a blog and not a one-on-one personal conversation where I prefer such discussion, through recent developments just prior to the move I became Elevated beyond initiation to one degree or another in every one of these Traditions. This means that when this Temple is set, it will be done so from a place of authority beyond the level of the student in all three Traditions to which I hail lineage.

This leaves me with a lot to think about. Do I want to seal the Temple in one particular Tradition? None? Attempt to tap into all three’s egregore? Can all three even be tapped into simultaneously without creating something new or in opposition?

I don’t have the answer to all of these questions. Nor do I feel that I need the answers to them right now. Not everything of the Craft needs to be or should be thought out prior to action. Often, and intuition tells me this is one of those times, the form of the practice should grow organically. Instead of trying to understand the flow of the river, sometimes you just have to jump on the raft and experience it. I think we’ll keep the plan simple at this point; call our Allies, put down the Four Corners of the World, and see where the rest goes.

Boidh Se!


“Lost in a thicket, bare-foot upon a thorn path.”

*Tour of Adventure- I move every three years or so over vast distances and so have come to think of each stint as an adventure with its own story, characteristics, and lessons.