Thursday, July 18, 2013

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire: The Cauldron of Warming and Our Spirit Allies

So… I know I kind of quit blogging, and I don’t really intend to start up regularly, but I felt like sharing something and I thought this is the best method of doing such. With that being the case, consider this a rare blog post that really isn’t. It isn’t really organized well or written as such anyway. Enjoy! Oh, and ignore the blog title; just my humor about eating spirits and whatnot.

For a long time my work has been Cauldron of Vocation centric (and prior to that Cauldron of Knowledge centric); however, this morning a thought, a wondrous glimmer of a spark of a thought, has sent my Craft into the wilds chasing lapwings and such.

The Cauldron of Warming is the vessel that holds the source of the Dragon’s Breath that permeates our physical self and gives the body life, it is warmed above the fire of the breath of our soul whose flux of rhythm is the same as the source it holds, and it is the vessel that pours vitality into the blood of life.

Now as to this little thought:

The food in which we eat enters the same energetic part of the body in which resides this cauldron* and so there is a direct link between the food we eat, which I already view as an offering (see here), and the Cauldron of Warming. Considering that each plant, animal, and mineral has its own spirit of influence and part of the work of the Witch is to gain spirit allies in the work and integrate their sphere within our own, one could then purposely enlist the aide of one of our spirit allies and via ritual and intentional consumption of the carrier materia so as to use the Cauldron of Warming as a gateway to integrate the desired sphere upon the etheric, vice one of the other planes as the Cauldron of Warming is deeply tied to the etheric, unto the rest of Our Sphere. Whereas I have done cauldron work previously, it has mostly been energy associated and not so direct in spirit focus. The idea of using spirit allies in conjunction with the cauldrons has sent my mind racing as to all the potential.

There ya’ go! That is the spark of an idea. May is open the road of potential for you as well!
Boidh Se!


“Lost in a thicket bare-foot upon a thorned path.”

*In fact, one of the major energy streams within the body runs directly through there as well, and not the mention the third chakra along the spine too.