Thursday, February 28, 2013

At the Altar of Sacrifice: The Gateway of Death and Rebirth

Each breath is the wind of potential. This potential is born, however, from death. In each moment decisions are made that decide the manifestation of the 'I' as it relates to our life. Instantly the individual is born unto the momentary realization of all from the previous; each instant is the birth of the last. The freedom of the Witch dictates that it is our ability to shape ourselves in each moment, with it though some things must be culled.

In life much is accumulated about oneself; many things. Some are useful tools but not all. There is much that is sickly, dying, and will only burden during the harsh times in which come, and as the Wheel turns Winter and Night shall arrive in due course. These aspects that have been allowed room in our lives against our own well-being need to laid out and purposefully taken to slaughter. The precision of the butcher is not about hacking away but skillfully transforming these sacrifices into a harvest that will sustain us during the perils of the death-inward journey. This is the Craft of the Witch. The Witch seeks that place of inward illumination, but to arrive there to receive the harvest our own herd of 'I' must be culled of the sickly, dying, and wolves in sheep's clothing.

Deciding which parts get to live on into the birth of the new and which are placed into the tomb in order for this transformation to occur is not an easy task. The Witch in the journey must be willing to be the alchemist that methodically separates and distills the substance of being to see what essence it is made from. Many choose not to look at what quality of substance their life is made from. The choice to descend on such a journey is determined by those that do embark to be worth more than any offers to the contrary that arise when the decision must be made.

The work of the Witch is largely about sacrifice. The specific sacrifice in which I am referring is two-fold, note however that that are many sacrifices not listed. It is the sacrifice that is made in order to make time for the work and it the sacrifice of all those parts of life in which the work will require be made in order to pass through unto the next trial. In short, the Witch chooses to place themselves upon the altar of truth as a sacrifice to themselves.

When all that remains is the core spark of divinity then no more illusions exist. It sounds like a linear path, but as I mentioned in yesterday's blog, it is not. Be that person now, not in some distant future. Choose to be the outward and conscious reflection of that inner divinity, and be so in the here and the now, and cull any part not in peace therewith. To do so, the individual must make the journey to that altar and be prepared to do the work to craft themselves, and be prepared to die many times in the process.
Boidh Se!


"Lost in a thicker bare-foot upon a thorned path."

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Anonymous said...

Witchcraft is self-hammering, and often god hammering, inner alchemy. The slag in the metal has to be fired and hammered out to reveal the true metal within. Another sacrifice that those of us who are not solitaries but lineage bearing priest/esses have to make is the sacrifice to teach and train and pass on our lineage, which is not an easy task.