Friday, January 27, 2017

The "M" Word

The “M” Word


Did you know that something as trivial as the name for a Sabbat quickly divides Traditionalists into corners? If not, I’m gonna tell you enough about it that you can scoff (maybe), form an opinion, and engage in any such nonsense as you determine merited. Cause Witches are all about having opinions!


The thing to remember here isn’t that it causes tons of drama, since most Traditionalists are ready to just let it be whatever it is, but that some initiates find it rant inducing for some reason. Okay, so it does spark enough drama in the back and dark corners of Yahoo and Facebook groups to warrant mentioning.


If you are one of those people, no hate from me if you are, that likes to celebrate Mabon then you might be causing some eyes to twitch. Here is the thing, that isn’t the name traditionally used in any of the Books of Shadows or by any of the early initiates. The use of Mabon came into popular use by ways of bad research and association of the Autumn Equinox with Mabon from Welsh mythology. AND it is bad research. Horribly bad.

Here is the short list on what exactly peeves some:
  1. It is not the given name.
  2. It is based on bad research.
  3. The source of said bad research.

Although you didn’t ask, here is my opinion. Like all Witches I have more than one.
I don’t really care. I learned the name and used the name long before I learned any of the above. I don’t associate the name with the Mabon of Welsh Mythology. Being from the Southern U.S., I don’t even pronounce them the same. To me they are different. On the other hand, I get it. Bad research is bad research and equating the two even incidentally only continues to perpetuate such.
Opinions aside, the more important issue is about actions, what do I do? Even more importantly, what do you do? Me, I mostly metaphorically slam through popcorn every time the subject comes up and sides are taken. Beyond that, I don’t say Mabon amongst Traditionalists as the specific mysteries of the rites around that time of The Wheel are best correlated with the given name. In generalized Contemporary Pagan company, I just roll with whatever.
I can’t tell you what to do, if anything (but non-action totally counts as an action). You decide. Also feel free to have multiple opinions on the matter, or not, and/or do lots of research about why it is or isn’t bad research (It is!).
If you didn’t know any of that before, consider yourself enlightened, or hopefully mildly amused at the least. I can’t say that you or the world are a better place as a result of this blog. BUT I can say: Today’s blog was brought to you today by boredom, amusement, and a bit of sleep deprivation from life commitments. Many blessings!
Boidh Se!
“Lost in a thicket, bare-foot upon a thorn path.”