Monday, February 25, 2013

Hidden Moon: Snow Moon: Willow moon: Full Moon

Every now and then, when the full moon comes around as it does, I like to lay out the various lore and influences upon the particular period and then figure out what is a good fit work wise in regards to Esbat. Whereas I am not going to reveal any plans I have for Esbat, silence is the word, I will lay out some of the lore surrounding this full moon.

Following the B-L-F calendar, as I do, tonight’s full moon begins the month of Saille which is associated with the willow tree. This month is about the psychic, the mind, dreams, visions, intuition, the moon, twilight, and water.

In other lore, this moon is named the Snow or Hunger Moon due to it being the time towards the end of winter when the food stores are getting low and the crops aren’t producing yet. Additionally, this is the time of year when the changing weather patterns bring lots of snow, or so they say. Think of this moon as the time just before the dawn, the sun is coming up but it has not broken the horizon just yet.

Currently the astrological sign is Virgo. It is an earth sign, which usually means that they like comfort, order, and routine. Specifically Virgos, are all about details. Feel free to google the tar out of Virgo. I will point out that Virgo is ruled by mercury, which is important at the moment.

Mercury and its influence on Virgo is particularly important at the moment because mercury is in retrograde. This basically means that anything that mercury has dealings with, communication, are going to be all wonky; i.e. a whole lot of miscommunication for a while.

This full moon also happens to fall on a Monday, which is the day of the week under the influence of the moon. This moon will be extra moon like. The moon is associated with the mind, the underworld, water, psychic stuff, mystery, the hidden, secrets, and dreams.

Anyone else noticing a clear pattern?

Let’s see if we can’t combine all of this into one long thought. This moon is heavy in the moon quality arena (falls on a Monday and within Saille).  It is in Virgo and is about the details of earth qualities but will not be so good in areas of communication, so we should stick to more esoteric mystery type stuff… which just happens to be what the moon is all about. This moon, via its Snow Moon associations, is related to the lore attributed to just before dawn. This is the time dealing with pending birth, incubation, but also deep inner reflection and soul searching. Tonight would be a good time to delve inward and take a hard look at that part of use that keeps our own metaphorical winter at bay.

There ya’ have it; a full moon full of moon influence.

Boidh Se!


“Lost in a thicket bare-foot upon a thorned path.

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