Friday, February 15, 2013

Creating Our Center Three-Fold

As I have mentioned many times in the past, the heart is a vessel. It is a vessel in which we fill with what we desire to manifest itself into our lives. This center is the point from which we create our world around us and we do so in the image of what exists at this point. In essence this is what the three-fold law is all about.

I know, I know… but the common interpretation of the law of return is that  everything we send out comes back three times as grandiose/horrid. Well… that is not the way I was taught it and it is not how I interact with the principal. The Three-fold Law is about physics of energy and our interaction with existence. It is not about ethics or a system of rewards and retribution. Simply put; (1) an individual acts, (2) those actions have effects upon existence, (3) existence in turn affects the individual in some part based upon those effects. At this point the ‘3’ part of the Three-fold should be a bit more clear; now to the ‘fold’ or multiplier portion. Any of those actions that an individual does takes place on one (or more) of three levels of beings, as well as the effects and affects therefrom; (1) mental/emotional, (2) physical, and (3) spiritual. The Three-fold is a statement that explains that as individuals our interactions with existence happens in roughly three phases and that each phase can take place on three levels, which is nine or three-fold.

The acts in which an individual partakes are based upon what lay at their center of being or heart. As individuals it is our own doing for what is place into that center. Think of the mind as the projector of our interpretation of existence, the heart in this would be the film/filter through which the light of the projector must pass. In this vessel are all hopes, dreams, values, and experiences; this is the filter through which life is seen.

The center is also the bridge between the profane and the sacred, it is the axis. This vessel is the potential that manifests based upon what is placed in it—what is given space to reside at the core of our being. The heart is the crossroads, it is the union, and it is the point of all.

The praxis makes room in our daily external lives via action and doing; it also determines that which will become the lens through which existence is known. By consciously engaging in the practices we are consciously taking actions so that our spiritual, mental/emotional, and physical acts both places our own divinity at the center and sends that same Will through action outwardly eventually reverberating in kind. In short, the Witch makes room both in their heart and their lives for that which they hold in worth, and they equally hold no quarter for that in which they desire no manifestation.

As the stewards and wardens of our own center it is vitally important to be discriminate of what is placed therein. For example, this is why I avoid drama. I don’t play and disengage. Quite frankly as far as I am concerned there is no room in my life for it and so I do not make a space in my heart vessel for it. The same would also apply to ethics. There is a direct relationship between one’s ethics and their actions. By acting in accordance with one’s own sense of ethics, those values are place in the house of the soul. I encourage all to consider consciously what is filling their center and life around them and then take steps to shape it; it is what Witches do.

Boidh Se!


“Lost in a thicket bare-foot upon a thorned path.”


Anonymous said...

Wow that is the best explanation of the supposed "Three Fold Law of Return" that I have ever seen. I too was neither taught nor believed in some 3 X good or bad karma coming back from an act. But 3 fold meaning affecting 3 levels of my spirit/mind, soul/heart and body makes perfect sense to me. Thank you for clarifying this and I will probably reblog it as it is an issue I have tried to reinterpret myself before. BB

Anna Munda at Enchanted Body said...

This is an excellent unfolding of the expanded view of the Threefold Law! Definitely sharing.

Another metaphor that I think expresses this concept is resonance. Strike a tuning fork, and other things within sound range of that tuning fork will begin to vibrate to that frequency - poorly or well, depending on the substance; thus the original frequency is much magnified and the person holding the tuning fork is affected in that magnified way.

Drama is interesting in conjunction with the heart as your center and sacred vessel. One, because 'drama' is subjective. One person's perception of drama might be another person's amusement. Or it might be another person's pouring out of heart-felt pain. And sometimes that pouring-out is necessary, because not all contents of the Sacred heart-vessel can be purified in solitude or silence, even by an initiate.

Spanish Moss said...

Anna, Agreed on all fronts. The main point is whether or not one is building walls that attract perpetual drama… aka they be drama queens. All drama, cannot however be avoided. I was simply using it as an example in my analogy and as we both know, no analogy is perfect.


Eva Talbott said...

Well-stated, sir!