Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some Thoughts

I wrote the following yesterday, but did not post it. I wanted to think about it some more first. So please enjoy yesterday's post.


This morning as I watch the Sun rise, I have many, and I do mean many, thoughts to occupy. If truth be told, I have had little sleep. I have also spent the last hour or so simply trying to decide whether or not I will say anything at all, let alone what to say. I am an introvert by nature and of the mindset that a blog is not the place to discuss such. On the other hand, this blog has become a place for me to lay my thoughts out upon.

Instead of digging into the core of the matter, I am going to briefly, very briefly, talk about two pieces of Witchcraft lore that come to mind, which are providing me with much to consider at the moment. I do not think either of these will be new to any of my readers.

The Four Words of a Witch are: To Know, To Will, To Dare, and To Keep Silent. There is a lot of meaning there if you look for it. On the surface they are the four basic virtues needed in order to be successful at magick. Needless to say, they apply beyond the realm of magick. One must know what to do and how to do it, have the willpower to act, the courage to act, and act diligently, owning the action, and without betraying it.

The second are a few words of Robert Cochrane, “Do not what you desire – do what is necessary.” Ah, yes, that. The first time I read those words as a newly initiated First Degree, they boggled me, but not anymore.

Hopefully, others will find something in these concepts, which will help them when they need it.

Boidh se!

-Spanish Moss

"Lost in a thicket bare-footed upon a thorned path."


SquirrelHead said...

I am glad you wrote this when you did for I have alot on the mind.But the mere words you write makes me think differently it makes me at ease with my own thoughts.Thank You for the inspiration this morning I needed that.

Water Witch said...

I am currently practicing "to keep silent" there is a great deal I want to say, but I feel it would do more harm that good. I feel the little I have said has done damage. I am not responsible for others actions, or others words. But I am responsible for my own. Thank you for posting.