Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cell Phone Magick

Several months ago I read someone else’s blog that briefly talked about using their cell phone for magick. I don’t remember where I saw this, or I’d reference it here.

I was reminded of this blog this morning when I picked up my phone to determine whether or not a certain planet was above the horizon. So I decided that I would very briefly, in the same spirit of that blog I had read, write a quick post pointing out some apps I use as an aid for magick.

There are four apps that I use. I’m not gonna bother listing out their names, but only their function with which I am concerned. Be warned though, they are all concerned with the tracking of information.

Perhaps the app I use the most is a simple one that tells me moon phases as a percentage, and lists the new and full moon dates.

I also have an astrology app that displays the current skymap based on my GPS location; it also can pull up my natal chart and allow me to compare the two.

I have a simple planet tracking app which will tell me which planets are currently above the horizon, based on GPS location. It also lists rising and setting times. No more complicated equations to figure all this out for me.

The last app again uses the GPS, but it shows me the relative position of various constellations, stars, planets, and the directions from the viewpoint in which I happen to be using the phone.

So there you have it, everything the practicing Witch needs to track influences when preparing a working.

Do you use any apps towards magick?

Boidh se!

-Spanish Moss

"Lost in a thicket bare-footed upon a thorned path."


Water Witch said...

That is very cool, what is the correlation with you natal chart and your gps location, Greenflame briefly mentioned something about this once when I was speaking how I did much better in different areas I have lived, can you explain, and maybe share the name of the app. I want to check it out. Oh I have an andriod, are your apps for apple?

Spanish Moss said...

Water Witch,

In astrology, the location of the planets vary depending upon where one is at geographically. Traditionally, there are a lot of charts and equations to figure all that out. My app uses its GPS in conjunction with its programming to do all that for me. By pulling up the current chart for the time and location of where I am and comparing it to my natal chart, it can tell me things about how the current location of the planets might influence me. All my apps are for the droid. That one is called "AstroTab Free."


Water Witch said...

Thank you

Josh said...

Why not post the names of the apps? I'm sure starving software developers (myself) would appreciate it.

I use Simple Moon Phase for android, I use Planetary Hours Calculator, Galaxy Runes and Galaxy Tarot (it's two apps but they really depend on each other) and the Google Sky app fairly regularly.

Spanish Moss said...


Truthfully, I was working within a very tight schedule at the time.

But here they are:


AstroTab Free

Sun, moon and planets

Google Sky.