Friday, April 10, 2015

Is Anyone on the Throne?

This morning I was poking an article, as I tend to do, with a crooked finger to see what it was all about. Specifically it was Thorn’s new blog (here). I have enjoyed her previous blog (here) and wanted to see if the same would be true now that she gets to take a quill to patheos. I digress though. I read it, enjoyed it, and mulled it over the fire for a bit. For some strange reason I then decided to read the comments section, which is not something I am apt to do. I didn’t stay long; it was only a glance before I decided I wasn’t that interested in reading people debate the article.

Just before I completely abandoned the comments to the whims of the internet, upon which I would likely never look again, something about there being Gods and Goddesses as patrons of cities caught my eye. I didn’t bother to read it beyond that but it was enough to set the mind upon a course.

Why don’t I know who the patron God and or Goddess of this city is? From the moment I parked my broom here I began to methodically met and build a working relationship with the ancestors of this place, the genii loci, various Saints, local figures from folk-lore, and a whole host more. I did all of this because that is what a Witch does, they know the magickal terrain in which they reside and the inhabitants therein.

At first, I found this upsetting, like I had failed somehow. Once I became aware of the feeling though I was able to loosen the hook it was using to hold onto the present with and let it sink into the well of the past. This did not change the fact that I wanted to know whom. So I asked google.

Google failed. I found nothing about either a Patron God or Goddess for this place. I found a lot about the patron saints (Joan of Arc, Lady of Prompt Succor, and St. Expedite by the way), nothing I didn’t already know though. I’m not quite ready to conclude there isn’t one (or more). There are a couple of different courses of action I could take from here; try to uncover it myself, try to establish one, or ask others that have been part of the local magickal community long enough to know. As there are some people I trust in the area to know such I’m going to go with the third option. A hunch tells me though that there simply isn’t one, which does not change the fact the place is over flowing with spirits. If so, I’m not going to try and establish any as I don’t feel it would be needed.

Does your city have a Patron? If so, do you know who they are?

Boidh Se!


“Lost in a thicket bare-foot upon a thorned path.”

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