Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Song of Existence and the Work of the Witch

It is common for Witches to mention the Work of the Craft and refer to engaging in the Work. Additionally, it is common for the Priesthood therein to talk about doing the Work of the Gods. Certainly all of the various books that touch upon Craft magick and the Craft are also about the Work of the Craft, even if none of them specifically get into the topic. I do not think the topic is purposely neglected or bound by oaths either. Like much of the lore within various currents of the Craft, it is simply something that is passed on through association.

Frankly, the Work is nothing more than that which we do. It is our practice; all of it. Everything from offerings, rituals, meditation, you name it. All of it is the Work. Easy enough to understand and to see why it is not a topic that is generally used to take up much space in your basic 101 book when getting into those various practices is more important, likewise the advanced books just assume the topic is already understood. The Work though is the whole point. Not just doing it or knowing how, but knowing why too. Every religion has an eventual goal, or many, and the Craft is no different.

In passing I would say the Work is about Transformation of Self and Transformation of the whole of Existence. After all, this is what appears on the surface to be taking place. If this paradigm of practice works for you, then roll with it. For that matter, I use such a model regularly to explain and think through various aspects of the Craft. Just remember that such a perspective is a tool to better see the truth of the matter, it is not necessarily the truth itself. The Work though, is about clarity. It is about seeing the inherent nature that is already there. It is not about transforming the heart vessel into a brilliance that shines as bright as the sun, but seeing and sitting in the knowing that the heart IS the sun.

By engaging in the practices of the Craft the Witch brings their mind into alignment with the current related to that specific practice. This is no secret. More importantly though, the Witch imprints this current directly unto the stars, “As above, so below,” thus all of existence is crafted in that moment based upon the touch of the Witch unto the infinite. This is how the Work works. For some it is about transformation, for others it is about creation, but for me, it is both of those with a dash of poignant clarity.

The Priesthood of the Craft is different than the Priesthood generally thought of from the standpoint of Western Religion. This topic has been dominated with thought originating in Christianity. I am not saying there is anything wrong with Christianity. I am saying that the paradigm of the Craft is different, and likewise our Priesthood fulfills a different role at its core. At the core, for us, it is about doing the Work of the Gods. Sure, sometimes a Priest or Priestess is called into other roles such as the more commonly thought of pastoral duties that the aforementioned has trained us into thinking of where clergy is concerned. There is more than one type of Priesthood though.

As I said, our Priestesses and Priests are primarily concerned with accomplishing the Work of the Gods. So just what is the Work of the Gods? Well, ask any two Initiated Priest/esses and get a dozen or so answers. What is agreed upon though, is that the Craft is orthopraxis. As I mentioned previously, the Work is all of the practices of the Craft. The Work of the Gods then, is all of the practices of the Priesthood. For example, the initiates of Wicca (a Priesthood of the Craft) perform specific rites in their Craft that are directly related to our God(s) and Goddess(es).  As a Mystery Cult this Work reveals not only to the Wicca certain mysteries pertinent to divinity but also weaves/transforms/creates/clarifies them as the fabric of existence.

Every Witch that has a regular practice, regardless of whether or not they engage in specific Work, such as that done by the Priesthood, are doing the Work. We become as the Work is. We are not it, nor are we separate from it. The whole of every existence resonates the same chord in the holy and sacred song of the Work.

Boidh Se!

“Lost in a thicket bare-foot upon a thorned path.”

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