Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sacred Contrast

The tangled web of the Craft can often present simultaneous truths which can appear to some to be contrary. It only takes a fleeting moment, a nuance in the now, any catalyst in the moment of the Witch to trigger symbols that are keyed within the mythic paradigm of the Witch causing them to shift seamlessly from one perspective to another. To Western society at large, a society which is used to clear and hard fast distinctive lines of black and white, this can falsely be pointed out as a flaw in theology or as illogical. To the Witch, this is not only natural but central to our arte. In one moment the Sun is our Lord born anew and in the next it is nothing but a large burning ball of gas.

One of skills of effective magick is the ability to change one’s consciousness in accordance with Will. For example, as the Witch paints their tapestry of a spell there is a moment, needs to be a moment, has to be a moment where the Witch no longer hopes the spell will work but now believes that it already has manifested. There is a greater lesson here than just one of practical and effective spell-work.

In the cosmology of the Craft, everything is sacred—everything. Logically though, this presents an apparent contradiction. It is a contradiction that the Witches’ Craft enables them to surround about them in such a manner that the contradiction is transformed into truth. You see if everything is sacred, then nothing is. Think of it like using a highlighter to makes words stand out in contrast to those around it. If every word is highlighted, then none of the words create this contrast since none can stand out. It should be easy enough to see how many conclude at this point that either nothing is sacred or that sacredness must exist in a binary sense paired with the profane. This is not how the Witch uses it though.

This is the key. Here is where the Witch becomes master of their own existence. It is about perspective. The Witch accepts their own perspective as true and likewise accepts the truth of differing perspectives. Both are correct. Purification can be the removal of poisons from one’s being and yet too much cleansing does not allow needed poisons to purify. Both are needed, both are true, both at each moment can and are more than one limited perceptive. The Witch welds their highlighter of sacredness in such a manner that not only is everything highlighted but there is contrast. After all, when we use the entire spectrum of colors there is not only contrast but an entirety that is colored.

There is a trick to it though. Simply proclaiming that everything is sacred does not mean the logical parts of the mind are ready to accept such. Sure fetch-self, the part of the mind that speaks in feelings and symbols, has this knowledge instinctively. So the Witch wears the seeing mask of fetch-self to color the eyes and world of talking-self, the logically focused part of the mind. Color the world around you in myth, in symbols, in meaning, and extrapolate in each moment a myriad of perspectives with which to paint a truth that is beautiful beyond any reality where there is no contrast or there is only either or. It can and is both.

Boidh Se!


“Lost in a thicket bare-foot upon a thorned path.”

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