Thursday, January 24, 2013

Standing at the Crossroads of Time

Have you noticed? There is a pull in the air.

As some of you have seen, a couple of my previous blogs have all been in regards to change, transformation, endings and beginnings. Each of these is the same point upon the circle—an ever turning wheel.  Change is a constant, which is not a surprise to anyone. However, the current in the stream is a different one, a strong one. I have felt its disruptive, shaping, molding, destroying, and creating influence for some time now. Attunement to the cycles is something that becomes second nature for those of us that live our practice based in alignment with the movement of existence.

I find myself standing at a crossroads, at this very moment, and I know others see and feel it as well, based upon their actions, comments, and conversations. Recognizing this occurrence, my mind has been turned towards witnessing and experiencing what has come, some of which I like and some of which I do not. Either way, acceptance has become a mantra. I have not fought, and don’t plan to, but I am shaping. Shaping reality is what Witches do.

Far too often when drastic change arrives the negative is the focus. I could easily make a list, but I don’t plan to; instead, I will build from the ashes upon the good and positive. My family has grown, I am in a new position at work and likely to transition to one even more to my liking, I have long established friendships that have weathered the storm for which I am grateful and will actively work to strengthen, and there is the work of the Gods that I share with my Traditions, Friends, and Family.

I generally don’t plan my blogs out in advance, though on occasion the muse comes and I take down notes to flush out later, but instead I write about what has occupied my contemplation as of late.

I stand at the crossroads and from here I shall make my libations of that which shall be cast to the past and use it to grow the young seeds of potential; this Witch has work to do.

Boidh Se!

-Spanish Moss

“Lost in a thicket bare-foot upon a thorned path.”

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