Saturday, January 5, 2013

Reenacting Frankenstein: Fetch Making 101

I am planning on making a Fetch for some career related work. For those that don’t know what a Fetch is, it is the astral construct that resides in a Fetish (charm bag) whose purpose is those that the creator has bestowed upon them. I had one for about two years that was gifted to me and that I refreshed, as is traditional, at the one year mark. However, life happened and it didn’t get feed enough. So with the New Year and the pending reassignment to another work section, I thought I would resurrect some of the materia, only certain items can be reused from a Fetish, and put a new Fetch to work. As silence is the word of magick that allows it marinate and work behind the scenes I am going to explain how to put together and do all of this with one minor exception. The specifics of the example that will be given here apply to the career of a writer, which is not my profession.

Let’s pretend that as the creator of some other entity we are mad scientists bent on stitching together Frankenstein; it’s an analogy, just play along. Well, to do this all of the various body parts are going to be needed. Our fetch is going to need hands, feet, a heart, a head, a carriage, amongst other things.

The very first thing that needs to be decided upon is the heart. Now the heart of a Fetch is always a root—always. It is a root so as to root the Fetch into the work and to act as the center, the axis mundi, around which the work is done. For a career related Fetish we are going to go with High John the Conqueror Root. Whereas there are lots of associations with this root, herein the ‘conqueror’ aspect is what is desired.

For no particular reason, the hands are next. Each hand, however, has a slightly different purpose. The right hand is the hand that applies the work. I think that Deer’s Tongue (it’s a form of wild vanilla) would be good; used for prowess in one’s speech (the honey tongue as you were) and very handy for a writer. The left hand, which is for drawing things that are desired, we will use a Mercury Head Dime. It is a coin; it’s good for drawing money, which our writer wants to draw to them. However; this type of coin is especially good. Why? Well, it’s 90% silver, it is a coin, and it is associated with mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication. So all in one little hand/coin is the strong drawing communication of silver and money; pull the money here! Want one… Quadrivium Supplies has them here.

Now to decide on the feet; these are important as it is the feet that get-you-there. An individual walks with feet, they are for traveling. Same thing for a Fetch, the feet get ‘em where they are going. For one foot let us use Five Finger Grass, which is good for success in all things that our five finger touch (our craft), like writing is the craft of the writer. The other foot, I think, would do well to be a small charm (like for a charm bracelet) of a key, for unlocking the way ahead.

So far the hypothetical Fetch has arms, legs, and a torso (heart). Now it needs a head. Allspice Berries it is. These little berries are good for money in regards to business undertakings. As the head, these berries will have our Fetch thinking about nothing but attracting money via writing. This doesn’t mean the writer has to obsess, only that our astrally created construct does. Thoughts rooted in conquering the work by speech and drawing money to oneself via unlocked pathways and practicing our craft (writing). There are only three things left that are needed; a link, instructions, and a carriage.

The link is simply the tie between the Fetch and the creator, so that the Fetch knows where to send the fruits of its labor. This item needs to be something small and belonging to the writer, say a small clipping of hair. Now with all the various parts of the body assembled they need a carriage in which to ride forth in. In short, something practical to keep all of the pieces, a.k.a. our bag. Specifically in this case, a purple one; for royalty. Put all the items in the bag.

At this point our Fetish is nothing more than assembled parts, like a computer with no programming. This is where a petition paper comes in. On a scrape of parchment we will write the name of the writer, and other identifying information, like their sun sign and birth date, along with various symbols that represent our desire. Put the symbols on the paper first and then their name and identifying marks over top of them; so make those symbols belong to that person. Put this piece of paper in the small bag for the Fetch. Now tie the bag closed.

Like in the book Frankenstein, upon the table of work lay a lifeless body into which we need to zap life into. Pick of the Fetish and breathe deep into it, and then whisper the name of the Fetch to it several times (tell no one this name—ever), tell it what you want its job to be, and feed it for the first time. To feed it, just dab some appropriate condition oil onto it about once a week. Now all our writer has to do is carry the Fetish upon their person anytime they are at their craft, feed the Fetch once a week, and never allow anyone else to touch it, which will kill the construct.
Such is the basic process for Fetish making. There are some more advanced methods but here is not the place. Enjoy!

Boidh Se!

-Spanish Moss

“Lost in a thicket bare-foot upon a thorned path.”


Lynn Caverly said...

Thanks for the workshop!!!

GreenFlame said...

I've made my share of mojo hands and charm bags, but I've never heard it explained in this way, with each item representing a part of the body. Great stuff!

In a couple of months, come see me and I'll show you some patches of awesome, beautiful five-finger grass.

Anonymous said...

i have never heard of a fetch made like a fetish bag before, so thank you. Up north here in powwow land a fetch is the enslaved soul of someone who has just died, a nasty little practice i would not recommend. I prefer the tibetan tulpa method, which people can Wiki if they are interested. It is more an astral projection of oneself, but separate from oneself, and is easily decommissioned, theoretically, lol.

Spanish Moss said...


Nope, this Fetch is not the same as an enslaved soul or even spirit. It is the newly created thought upon the Mental Plane that is manifested unto Astral as a spirit of sorts and keep ‘alive’ by our providing it with the force to continue.


Anonymous said...

Oh i know it is definitely not the same thing, just giving you a definition of what that word means up here. What you are making is more like a Tulpa with a physical control panel.

Spanish Moss said...

I understand, just clarifying. Yes, it is like having a control switch. We program it and can turn it off whenever we want in several different ways not mentioned in the post.