Thursday, August 16, 2012

Walking the Dream Road

As a Witch I have long used other realms in my magick so as to cause effect upon this plane. In fact the methods of sending energy, thoughts, or constructs unto astral, the elemental planes, or any of the three worlds, is fairly basic in applied magickal technique. The simple spell work found in most folk magic, which 101 books are packed full with, make use of the relationship between here and astral as a reflector whereby the materia are keys to unlocking the desired effects. They are keys both symbolically and via their own inherent properties. With that said, there is one manner of inter-positional connected between the here and there that I have not really explored much. The reason is simple, I rarely recall any of my experience while there. I am speaking of the Dreaming Road.

The mind experiences existence through three states of place. These are called the Roads, and the point at which they conjoin in the Crossroads of the Mind. These three roads are respectively: the Waking Road, Sleeping Road, and Dreaming Road. I experience dreams just like everyone else. I remember having them but have difficulty recalling them. I do on occasion use a method of recording the dreams before the recall of the travels of the Dreaming Road become distant. I usually only apply this when I see some significance in the meaning of the events and any symbology therein, or if I believe some message is being given with the Dream Road being the manner of leading me to it.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to delve a bit more into what this aspect of experience has to offer, especially when it comes to magick. I have thus far purposely experimented with working with my dreams in two manners. The first, I recorded everything I could about a normal every day dream and set about using dream divinatory methods I know, via conjure, to see whether I would discover any meaning. The dream had a lot to say, and I do mean a lot. I immediately had to reevaluate a situation in my life and it instantly began to improve. So oneiromancy works, if anyone asks. I may even play in it a bit more.

The second method in which I am aspiring to, is to build myself a Dream Temple, they are akin to Astral Temples but follow slightly different rules. After all, Astral and the Dream Road are not the same place. In order to do this, I must achieve two things. One I must be able to have lucidity, and secondly I must be able to apply control upon the Dream Road so that what happens there is reflected upon Astral. Currently, I am working on step one.

I have been practicing a method of habitual reality reassessment as a catalyst for bringing about lucidity while walking the Dream Road. Twice now, since starting, I have willfully gained consciousness while walking thus. However, as is horribly common when becoming a proficient Dream Witch, I immediately step back upon the Waking Road and find myself starring at my bedroom wall. The issue is a simple one, the mind is not accustomed to maintaining the threshold balance between the two Roads and so you wake up. This is where I am at. There are methods for overcoming this tendency of the mind. First lucidity must be experienced enough that it is not quite so new for the mind. Once this is done, then in the moment of awareness of the Dreaming Road, an immersion exercise can be done. Bam lucidity! And no waking up. Then the Witch can move on to other forms of work.

Have you worked with your dreams? Is it something that interests you? I am interested in your stories, so please feel free to share.

Boidh se!

-Spanish Moss

"Lost in a thicket bare-footed upon a thorned path."

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GreenFlame said...

I have had a handful of "magickal dream" - those that have obvious symbology or People and that seem extraordinarily vibrant in color and that last a long time. However, I never dreamed licidly until 2 weeks ago, when I had a fully lucid dream that was 100% real and I knew every bit was a dream, and I consciously manipulated it, and it gave me what I feel was decent psychic information. It blew my mind. It came about after doing both Air and Lunar conjurations earlier in the summer and then approaching The White Goddess book in a non-linear, bibliomantic way. I think the combination of the Moon conjuration and The White Goddess were the key. It was ... something else. My dreams since have been even more vivid and meaningful.