Monday, August 27, 2012

The Cycle of Now

Life works in cycles. That I mention this is nothing new to my readers. After all, I’ve pointed this out more than once, and in all probability it is likely to be brought up many more. It is important for anyone delving into either spiritual or magickal endeavors to come to know their own ebb and flow and patterns within in life. As a Witch is upon a path that is counted as both, it is of particular importance.

Every cycle exists as a pattern whereby all cycles have a family resemblance. The most basic of which mirrors the birth, death, and transformation of the Self. It is the most basic of patterns that is observable in the world in which the Witch, and everything else for that matter, is counted amongst.

The next level down is less of a summation of one’s Higher Self, but includes the singular ‘I’ of a lifetime. At this level the pattern of life is again the same; childhood, adulthood, parenthood, old age, and once more the descent into the cauldron of death. The ‘I’ that is the ego only knows this cycle once, and as it is happening. Making informed decisions becomes much harder when there are no remembered past experiences in regards to a particular cycle. Intellectually it is known that one day the individual will grow old, but until it begins happening, it is simply a notion without the self-validation of having done it.

Becoming informed of the ‘I’ teir of the circle, happens in several different ways. Through myth and culture are individuals given the keys to the patterns of all those that have gone before them along that same mythic Hero’s Journey. The Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes that have involved themselves in a particular society demonstrate, through the actions of their stories, the nuances of living and the way unto the next step of the path.

In Witchcraft, the cycle of our Lord and our Lady, amongst others, are revealed through the ritualistic enactment of their mythos in alignment with one’s life stages, holy days, the seasons, the sun & moon, the plants and cosmos, initiations, and the everyday actions of one’s immediate life. For the Witch, studying the ritual year and attuning oneself with the seasons and continuous weave of life and death around oneself is the informant of the Witch; it speaks both logically and symbolically, intellectually and intuitively, of known and unknowns, and of the theoretical and experiential. It is the task of the Witch to learn to listen, see the cycles, and apply the lessons there from upon their own Being.

Just be. Allow the cycle in the now to open the inner doorway to the eternal knowing and the love of all existences.

Boidh se!

-Spanish Moss

"Lost in a thicket bare-footed upon a thorned path."

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