Friday, August 31, 2012

In the Day of a Witch: The Little Things

This morning I awoke to news that one of my Craft Elders had departed through the veil last night. He is my great-great-grandfather in lineage. Though I have never met him, I honor him; his Craft, work, time, and sacrifice contributed to forming the Craft I have received and been initiated into. So I think that I will light the candles on my ancestor altar and make an offering of wine to the Host of the Mighty Dead, asking them to share it in welcoming him to their ranks.


The last time I took my kids crabbing, for blue crab, the two of them decided that they would conspire to use magick to draw the crab to our pots. They would close their eyes, link arms, and talk each other through visualizing large crab, “As big as your head”, crawling into the pots. Needless to say my wife and I were highly amused and approved of their activities. So later today, I’m suppose to get off work early, we are all going to go out and set some pots and otherwise sit around talking and enjoying the sun and breeze. As my son has been into the Greek Gods and Goddesses lately, see my post on Percy Jackson, I think I might have an offering to Poseidon, and include my kids, asking for bounty in the catch.


According to the Gregorian calendar, tonight is a blue moon. I don’t know if it is true according to older lore; I ran across this yesterday. It doesn’t matter much to me, most of the moon lore I use in my Craft concerns either associations with trees or devotional information. Either way is good with me, for our Lady is full. What I do know is that because of the extra emphasis put on the moon being blue tonight by those within our community, it makes the night special culturally speaking. Using that bond someone magickally inclined can use tonight’s moon for extra umph in their magick or devotion via this key.

For example, one could set up a stang (or broom/staff/wand/sword/just a large stick) vertically, place a cauldron (or large bowl/chalice/coffee mug) about half full of water at its base, and when the moon is high cast a bit of silver into the cauldron. This is called Silvering the Well and draws a line between the celestial heavens and chthonic below by way of the axis, represented by the stang, and opens a portal in the cauldron by which the quintessence of the celestial and chthonic moon is simultaneously reflected into the space. At this point, a Witch could use that energy magickally to bless or charge items if they so wished; make sure to note the planetary hour. Or they could say a prayer to the Lady of the Moon and tie the symbols of womb and moon unto Her, allowing them to act as a gateway for Her presence. After which it would be an appropriate time to make offerings, chant, give prayers, or turn to divination for a lesson. Either way when all is said and done, the water from the cauldron is blessed by Her light and can be used as Holy Water for cleansings, blessings, bathing, or any number of other things.


This morning I was going through my morning devotional as is usual. I gave simple offerings and anointed Their brow upon my own. Then I started to say my morning prayer unto the Sun and our Lord, at which point the clouds parted, literally, and the Sun shown forth brightly upon me.

This instance and the rest of today’s blog is about the little things. It is in the small moments of everyday living that our Craft is a catalyst for the Eternal Now. Take a pause and enjoy them.

Boidh se!

-Spanish Moss

"Lost in a thicket bare-footed upon a thorned path."

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