Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You Are What You Eat.

I have tried to eat healthier for years, as do many. I even had some success but it was a constant fight. Like so many, I yo-yo’d. In January I changed my methodology. Worry not, this blog isn’t about that. The new way of eating changed something in me; it became less about trying to be healthy but more about devotion, but then again, almost everything as of late has turned into an act of devotion for me. I began to truly feel, and not just intellectually know, the sacredness between us and what we eat.

Our bodies are a temple.“As above, so below,”

or as some modern practitioners would spin it and say, “As without, so within,” we are the cosmos and it is us. We are both the image in the mirror and the projector of the image. Confuse not the Self with the carriage. The body is a vehicle, our egos, and even the incarnated mind is transitory. These are not the Self.

However impermanent these are, let us not forget that they are sacred and spun of the divine. My flesh is the reflection of the substance of the Lord of our world. When the body is treated as such, health will be a byproduct, not the goal. The goal is and will be, to honor and offer devotion through our own microcosm back out into the macro. Herein a relationship is built and the two become one at the heart.

Inwardly, we reflect the Moon upon the pool of the Self.

The flesh, bone, and blood are a temple, a vessel that is wide open for the reception of the Lady. Just as we reflect our Lord, so too do we reflect our Lady. Our devotion is apparent when we show proper maintenance and care of the Body Altar unto which we invite her to fill.

This manner to devotion is not for everyone. Don’t think this blog is a denouncement of the approach any choose in how to live. I am simply reflecting on my own personal experience about diet, devotion, and my understanding that is developing.

Boidh se!

-Spanish Moss

"Lost in a thicket bare-footed upon a thorned path."

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Alice said...

Very, VERY well said.