Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Manifesting Guilt

Guilt is a prison. It binds and controls us. We enable it and rationalize it, and sometimes we take comfort in it. It is a twisted comfort, an internal turmoil of shame, fear, and regrets that while damaging, provides us with a wall from the seed from which it sprang. From the moment that guilt is allowed any foothold and fed, the roots will run deeper and the thorns will hook,
the wound will only become tattered and seeping in our own wallow.

A Witch controlled by guilt, is not the master of Self. Instead, the emotions rule the mind and the mind the Witch. If the image of the Witch is nothing else, it is not that of a servant. The power of the Witch that has been robbed is that of knowledge, the knowledge of what sprouted the seed. To sit still and listen, to observe, will make the nature of this beast better known. Still, this is not acting. But first, there must be a step.

The inward path is the Obscured Way that can,

and often is, less appealing than the work necessary to take a step down that path, so that the tendrils that have grown across our wellbeing can be pruned. Every time a Witch feeds guilt, it is done with the Will of a Shaper of the Universe, and so as the Witch does, they make things manifest.

Alone in the dark, many new to the path and only just come upon the hidden trails, find that life outwardly becomes that which they have made inward. “As above, so below,” goes both ways.

After the first step, that of having decided to pull up the weeds, the Witch needs to know where to direct their energy. The answer lay there before them, if they are willing to look. It is time to take examination of each hook and see just how it has ahold.

Then armed once again with the spear of the mind, the first hook can be pried free. One hook at a time, the Witch makes their Harvest until at the root of their prison they find the seed, that they empowered to block out the Sun.

Do you tend your garden, or let it overgrow the path ahead?

Boidh se!

-Spanish Moss

"Lost in a thicket bare-footed upon a thorned path."

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SquirrelHead said...

I use to let it over grow but since the training I have recieved in the past year and a day I have learned to tend to the garden and get rid of the weeds!!! Very thought provoking.