Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Red Wine, Not White

Red wine is the offering of choice for the Witch Lord from me. It was something I discovered by accident. I had just finished preparing some flowers for my altar, which is another story, when an image of a small glass of wine sitting in front His statue popped into my head. It felt like a request for some wine. It was perceived by intuition alone and is not something that I have a ready answer for, yet the call was there. So I poured a little wine in a small glass and took it to the altar as well.

Now over the past several months, anytime I have prepared new flowers for the altar, about once a week, I have taken up some wine for my Lord. Over the course of this time, the type of wine that has been taken up has varied. I take up what is available and what is available varies, simple enough. Therein I have learned that the feeling produced during the offerings process changes as well. It would seem that there is a preference in wine. Metaphysically I know that the substance offered in not the wine itself and that this doesn’t really vary, so then why the preference?

My first thought, was that this was because of my own preferences since they seemed to be the same, but I dismissed these thinking it must be something else. After a lot of reflection, I have returned to this original notion. The Witch Lord doesn’t like this type of wine because it is what I like, but because I give it preference, I give it more worth. So when I offer this wine, over that one, based on my preference I am giving something of more worth, thus the feeling of gratitude (closest word I have to explain the feeling) is more distinct.

Sure I could offer almost anything and so long as it is given with sincerity, then it will be received. However, knowing that our own value of worth upon an offering makes it more or less of a personal sacrifice, and that this will in turn affect the quality of the offering, it does leave a lot of room for consideration when choosing offerings.

Do your Gods and/or Goddesses have preferences in offerings?

Boidh se!

-Spanish Moss

"Lost in a thicket bare-footed upon a thorned path."


SquirrelHead said...

Yes one God I work with for money issues prefers Honey Mead over anything else I seem to have offered in the past.So for now on in will be Honey Mead to Thor on Thursdays.

thalia said...

I've found the same to be true. I have difficulty offering water straight from the tap because I don't like the tap water here. But water from the drinking jug in the refrigerator feels much more acceptable and appreciated.

GreenFlame said...

Yes, some offerings certainly feel more right than others, and it usually has to be something I would value. I think there is color stuff going on, too. I know I got an image or message of "red ale" for a particular God that helped us with our flights yesterday. The 'red' seemed important. I'm thinking because those red or vibrant color tones carry more magick.