Thursday, August 3, 2017

Out of the Broom Closet

Out of the Broom Closet I come. Sure I have been "out" as a Contemporary Pagan since sometime back in High School and publically a Witch for all of my adult life, but in regards to this blog, I have always kept my wording careful. It has been purposeful subterfuge. Well, I have decided I don't care about the list of reasons for such anymore.

I'm not just a Witch; I'm Wiccan.
There I said it. However, from here on out I'm likely to say "one of the Wic(c)a" as opposed to Wiccan though. As both an Alexandrian and Gardnerian initiate whom has passed through the pentacle, I prefer it. Also for full "out of the broom closet-ness," I'm also an initiate of the Eternal Harvest, which is a related Witchcraft Tradition but not British Traditional Wicca (BTW).  I never planned to be involved with more than one Tradition, but I move every few years and know that I work best in a group, so it just kinda happened that way. Nor do I plan to become involved with any others. I, however, digress.

The thing is that there is so much misrepresentation and misinformation abound about our practices and lore. More than I've cared to wade through on most days. For example, take the Rede. It is woefully misunderstood and usually championed as some ethical ideal that is impossible to attain whereby all actions that cause any harm of any form is against one's religion. The thing is, the Rede is permissive in nature and denounces nothing. All it is really saying is that if something is harmless then you can do it, and that's it. Everything else falls on the Witch to weigh against their own sense of morality.

Furthermore, due to the abundance of misinformation, Wicca gets a lot of flak and I didn't really want to bother with having preconceived notions tossed upon me.

Now, with all of that said, there are many things in this blog, past and future, that are not representative of Wicca. After all, this blog encompasses my Craft, which, as all Traditionalists are, is quite eclectic in personal practice. Yes, you read that right. Traditionalists are eclectic in their personal practice. Personal practice isn't coven practice though, so there is that.

So there you have it, for those that did not already know, I'm one of the Wicca. Now back to your regularly unscheduled program.

Boidh Se,


"Lost in a thicket, bare-foot upon a thorn path."

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