Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hallowing the Mundane

 The Craft is not a path that teaches us to hide away in solitude. Granted sometimes an individual keeps secret aspects of their practice. This and the inherent mystery around Witchcraft in general are not the same as a doctrine of seclusion, separation, and renouncing. In fact, the Craft of the Witch teaches the exact opposite—that our practice is to become part of everyday living and that everyday living is to become our practice. There is no set time only for spirituality. The call is always there. At times we may enjoy a routine of focusing only upon the inner aspects of our way, but these are self-prescribed out of devotion and not dictated by others, custom, or law.

Daily practice becomes so engrained into what we do that vacuuming the floor is a prayer of mindfulness when we allow it. The rising and setting of the sun is a threshold moment upon which we pause as we step into the next sacred manifestation of the all-encompassing now. Rituals, mediation, and practice of all forms are not separate, but part of the day. With the tides and flux of the cycles of life we dance the cosmic dance of living and the immersion of practicing our Craft within the norm of daily life does not lessen the sacredness of those acts. Nay, instead it hallows the mundane.

Making the Craft part of daily life and having a regular daily devotional practice consecrates the hours of our lives. Each act is holy; and with each one we place our seal of commitment unto our inner heart upon the whole of our lives. Practicing the Craft is the arte of living a life of sacredness, magick, and allowing our hearts to shine through as the Crown upon our Brow. It is not an easy job; but if we do not invoke forth the fire of our own inner self, no one will. Immerse yourself and take up thy Witch tools, there is Crafting to be done.

Boidh se!

-Spanish Moss

"Lost in a thicket bare-foot upon a thorned path."

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