Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 Madness and Witch Math

I decided to join in on the whole 12-12-12 day repeating fun. I, however, don’t buy the ‘it’s the last repeat’ thing. After all, January 1, 2101 will be a repeat, 01-01-01, in the same way that December 12, 2012 is. For that matter there will be other fun numbers along the way like 5-5-55 and 9-9-99.

But I did say fun right? Just so you know any time I see a small set of numbers, whether a total on a receipt, someone’s phone extension, or a date, my mind automatically starts playing with it in a form of numerology. I did the same when I saw 12-12-12 being talked about on social media.

As a little bit of prep, anytime you see the following numbers read them as this meaning, unless otherwise noted. It helps to have it all memorized as I do.

1=All, Unity
2=Polarity, Duality, the First Number that can be counted as divided, Two Pillars
3=Three Realms, Three Phases of the Moon, Three Faces of our Lady, Illumination
4=Four Directions, Four Elements, Four Cabbalistic Worlds
6=Six Rayed Star, the Sun, Higher Self, Holy Guardian Angel
9=Spiritual Nature of Divine, Our Lady, the Moon, Mystery
12=Signs of Zodiac

Also, forget all that math stuff you learned elsewhere, it does not apply to such. Welcome to Witch Math. Here we go:

9 or three-fold.
So Unity plus Polarity equals the Three Realms (As above so below), our Lady and Our Lord conjoin to make One. In this sequence this Illumination happens once for each Realm or nine times and the Mystery of the Spiritual Nature of Divinity is revealed. Told you it was Witch Math.

Better stacked as:
Look at all the ways we can add up 12; up, down, across, and diagonally. The Square of the Zodiac is composed of Three Signs for each of the Four Elements. Note there are 3 rows and three columns whereby the Signs influence the Three Realms. Each Realm is made up of 4+4+4 or better yet, each Realm is realized as the Four Cabalistic Worlds. I sure do love me some Witch Math. Moving on.
Already establishing each grouping of 4 is in 3s. We see our three-fold is in this case a three-fold of four. So 9 (three-fold) of four is 9 times 4 or 36. 36 equals 3=6 or that the Sun and Moon reflect each other, note we are dealing with two numbers (duality) and not just the meaning of each.36 is also 3+6=9 or the Three Realms are composed of six points (look one of those exceptions) around us as the center, remember this seven; these six and three are nine or the nine duille (leaves upon the tree of life) which are also seven in some forms of Trad Craft.

Restacked as:
Left to right (or right to left) this adds to 12 or 3 if we 1+2. But we got to 3 by 4, so 3 is broken in four; the Three Realms each has Four Directions or compositions and manifests within the Four Cabalistic Worlds. Also the three makes a line, up and down, and the four becomes four directions horizontally making a sphere. You are looking into the face of existence. 
When adding up and down we get Nine so the Face of Existence as the Three Realms and Four Direction as Manifested in the Cabbalistic Worlds is Mystery of the Spiritual Nature of Divinity.

Unity Equals Duality Three Times. The three in this case is ‘the Knowledge of.’ I am = Unity. I am That, That = Oneness with the External Duality. AND three is the Knowledge of I am and I am That conjoined.

Alright, I think that is enough. You get the point. So I do this with numbers a lot, and mostly without thinking about it. Anyway, they are all interconnected. All of them. Now that you have the basics of Witch Math, you can do the same with tomorrow’s date, 12-13-12, which has a whole other secret to be dug up. Did I mention I love me some Witch Math?

Boidh Se!

-Spanish Moss

“Lost in a thicket bare-foot upon a thorned-path.”


GreenFlame said...

Fun article! Witch math is the only math I love! The 11-sequence plays a big role in the events of my life: 11, 111, 1111, and 22, 33, 44, etc. as well as 311, 911, etc. I've turned to Crowley for illumination on some of that.

Spanish Moss said...

Interestingly, I just had an email conversation with Lord Shawnus about him whipping out Crowley's 777 to read through my post. Maybe I should grab my copy and flip through it, it has been a long while.

GreenFlame said...

A couple of months ago I was washing dishes and listening to a download of Israel Regardie doing The Invocation of Horus and heard the part about "The Voice of the Five.
The Voice of the Six.
Eleven are the Voices.

Which is also repeated thruout the invocation, with variations.

Which, of course, the Pentagram and the Hexagram together.

111, 22 and such figure in his important numbers. I'm not a Thelemite but given the influence of Babalon and Hadit on the Book of Shadows, and given the power of the revelation that he and Rose Crowley had, I believe in the New Aeon.