Thursday, October 25, 2012

Washed in Blessings: Allowing the Light to be a Crown

My dreams are talking to me again and telling me things; but that is what happens when you foster such work. Just for kicks, below is a quick telling of the events of the dream followed by a quick interpretation. Oh, and maybe even a practical practice.
I was in brown robes standing/bowing in front of my altar in my Temple Room; all of the candles were lit and incense smoke was nicely wafting across it. A light then washed over me from the central candle, ye one from which the rest are lit, and as it touched my crown, the top of the head, I was instantly bald. At which point in the dream I was told, either by my own thoughts, just an understanding, or an ominous voice, that this was the manner in which an individual is given a name. Queue alarm clock. BAAAAAHN BAAAAAHN BAAAAAHN *snooze* #repeat until absolute last minute#
For and foremost the dream relates an initiatory death and rebirth. The shaving of one’s head in most religious traditions is a symbol of the severing of ego, the waking self that is tied to this particular lifetime and not the eternally reborn Self. That this death comes from the central spark is also interesting, it is foretelling of the process of undergoing said practice. It is at this point, when the all divine light enters the crown, which is a link to the unity of all, that is the point or level at which the individual is not but exists universally and is named so as that which is, the individual identity is replaced by the spark of the Godhead. So that is the message that came before I stepped upon the waking road this morning.
The whole dream reminds me of a practice common in several different religions; Hinduism comes to mind but I know it exists in other paths as well, they just have decided to hide from my conscious eye at the moment. It is a technique or practice of anointing oneself in the blessings of a flame that has had the spark of a God or Goddess seated into it. Essentially what is done is that the Deity or Divine is invoked at an altar before a symbol of such with a lit candle. The candle in this instance is both the fire and vessel, as it becomes the throne unto which the Deity sits. At which point any prayers are said and the hands are held over the flame as if to warm them. Once the palms have the warmth of the flame and Divine essence upon them, the palms are turns towards the individual and brought up to the forehead; they should be lightly cupped with the fingers tips reaching up towards the crown. In this motion the warmth of blessings, which can be felt on the palms, is brought to the third eye and crown allowing it to wash over the individual.
What lessons have your dreams brought you?
Boidh se!

-Spanish Moss

"Lost in a thicket bare-footed upon a thorned path."

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