Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice

The Crown of Knowing, granting Sovereignty, having been placed upon our being brought forth an inner Fire. This Sun has feed and nourished the Crops we planted in the depths of our Sacred Landscape; a barren and darkened Land without the Union of having felt the Mystery from the reflecting Moon and the Will born from having seen what the Sun reveals. The Fields are full of growth.

Our growth is that of those Crops, they are the Bearers of the Fruit of our labor. Today, halfway through the Light Half of the year and the longest period of time that the Sun will be in the sky, it is time to stand in awe of the glory we have invoked within our lives. It is time to meet the Genii Loci, the Spirits of Place, of those Fields whose seeds we planted when we first began to work, turn, and plough the Soil.

The Work is not done, long from it, but as the Sun reaches its height the focus turns from growing but towards collecting what has been brought into our lives and storing it for the Winter and Journey into the Caverns of the Underworld; another mystery awaits. But for today, bask in the Sunlight and allow its warmth to fill you with strength.

Boidh se!

-Spanish Moss

"Lost in a thicket bare-footed upon a thorned path."

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