Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Riding the Wheel

Riding the Wheel

By: Spanish Moss

Crossroad of Flesh,

Crucible of Death,

By Blood, Breath, and Bone!

Mirror of Stars,

Well of Abyss,

By Sleep, Dream, and Seen!

Flight of Vision,

Gate of Twilight,

By Besom, Bead, and Drum!

Rhythm of Tongue,

Utterance of Beckoning,

By Charm, Rune, and Word!

Fragrance of Ecstasy,  

Cup of Intoxication,

By Blossom, Root, and Leaf!

Swirl of Passion,

Rout of Mill,

By Sway, Shake, and Stomp!

Knot of Rule,

Tow of Seething,

By Measure, Cord, and Hiss!

Tine of Eight,

Brand of Five,

By Meena, Mona, and Mack!

Goat of Black,

Foam of Sea,

By Chalice, Blade, and Flame!

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