Tuesday, September 2, 2014

13 Adorations

A couple of years ago a Brother in the Arte wrote up some adorations for our Lady and our Lord, which he graciously shared with me (amongst others). I have been using them for a little over a year now in my personal work. It has been a marvelous experience, and so for the moment I plan to keep using them.

Sometime this past year, as part of a ritual I put together, I decided to write my own adorations for use in that specific rite for our Lady. I wrote it inspired in the format he used but otherwise let the gnosis of our Lady bubble, froth, and spill onto the page as it would. I have not, however, worked with this set in any depth. Perhaps for a future round of workings I will.

Whereas I have no plan of divulging the rite used, nor the original adorations, I thought that as the author of this particular iteration of adorations that I would share a bit of this aspect of my Craft. Consider it a peak into the thicket.


Thirteen Adoration of Our Lady the Moon

Thee I adore, O Mother of the Starry Heavens.
Thee I adore, Thou Cauldron of Transformation.

Thee I adore, O Illuminator of Hearts.
Thee I adore, Thou Governess of Secrets.

Thee I adore, O Queen clad in Silver and White.
Thee I adore, Thou Wild Huntress Enthralled.

Thee I adore, O Grace of Sovereignty.
Thee I adore, Thou Wheel of Weaving.

Thee I adore, O Primal Cry in the Night.
Thee I adore, Thou Reaper of Time.

Thee I adore, O Beauty of Beauty.
Thee I adore, Thou Purifier and Mover of Tides.

Thee I adore, O Beckoning Seductress.
Thee I adore, Thou Forge of Ecstasy.

Thee I adore, O Scribe of the Constellations.
Thee I adore, Thou Mirror of the Earth.

Thee I adore, O Perfumed Seer of Visions.
Thee I adore, Thou Keeper of Silence.

Thee I adore, O Daughter of the Gate.
Thee I adore, Thou Fire in the Head.

Thee I adore, O Maid of the Horns.
Thee I adore, Thou Shaper of Initiation.

Thee I adore, O Mother of Birth.
Thee I adore, Thou Song of Eternity.

Thee I adore, O Hag-Crucible of Blood.
Thee I adore, Thou Chalice of Return.


Boidh Se!

-Spanish Moss

“Lost in a thicket bare-foot upon a thorned path.”

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