Monday, March 18, 2013

Life Upon the Altar of the Sacred

Consecrate your daily life in the holy. Make each and every act one of magick, of worship, of the sacred, and of devotion. It need not be a complicated process or one that subscribes to anyone else’s idea of what your divine path should be. Nope. All that is required is the mindful, deliberate, and knowledgeable effort to apply the practice to one’s life so as that our very lives become a Temple in which our Lady and our Lord will dwell with us as the Priestess or Priest of ritual therein.

 Determine that which is sacred and has the qualities of the holy in which you wish to consecrate into life. These “things” aren’t really things though, but the intangible qualities of the divine, such as compassion. Once you have gathered up the materia needed for this rite of life, use the practices of the Craft to lay them upon the vessel that is our existence and imbue them into the heart of being via the breath of the will. Breathe life into to the holy and let it be the heartbeat of your life.

Once our life has taken its place upon the altar of eternity, enter into communion with the divine source that is the flames upon that altar by making offerings to that which we have created as if it were the sum of all that is holy. In that moment, life will be nothing but the sacred and the sacred will be life.

Boidh Se!

“Lost in a thicket bare-foot upon a thorned path.”

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